CFP: User Interface Design in the 21st Century

** User Interface Design in the 21st Century ***
User Interface Design in the 21st Century Call for Papers for Computer – IEEECS

Full paper submission deadline: 1 January 2016
Publication date: July 2016

Computer plans a July 2016 issue on user-interface (UI) design.

UI design poses a significant challenge in many emerging technology areas, including wearable computers, machine intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Contemporary UI design techniques and methods were developed primarily in the era of the PC, the Web, and the mobile device. Now, though, UIs are designed for use in increasingly challenging contexts such as embedded computers and social media. The guest editor hopes this special issue will attract radical UI-design contributions that address 21st century challenges.

The issue will focus primarily on methods and approaches, but case studies are also acceptable if their findings can be applied in a range of contexts. Articles can address any emerging UI category, but those with a significant existing or potential user base are preferred. Appropriate topics include but are not limited to UIs dealing with emerging frontiers of computing such as:

• Big data
• Machine intelligence
• Vehicles
• Embedded systems
• IoT
• Augmented and mixed reality
• Surface computing
• Wearable computing
• Pervasive computing
• Ubiquitous computing
• Mobile computing
• Human-robot interaction
• Security and privacy
• Persuasive computing
• Service computing

Only submissions that describe previously unpublished, original, state-of-the-art research and that are not currently under review by a conference or a journal will be considered.

Articles should be understandable by a broad audience of computer-science and -engineering professionals, avoiding a focus on theory, mathematics, jargon, and abstract concepts.

There is a hard 6,000-word limit (figures and tables are worth 300 words each) for final manuscripts. Computer cannot accept or process papers over the word limit, so authors should be aware of this upon submission.

All manuscripts are subject to peer review on both technical merit and relevance to Computer’s readership. Accepted papers will be professionally edited for content and style.

Authors of accepted papers are encouraged to submit multimedia, such as a 2–4 minute podcast, videos, or an audio or audio/video interview of the authors by an expert in the field, which the Computer staff can help facilitate, record, and edit.

Questions? Please direct any correspondence before submission to the guest editor:

• Antti Oulasvirta, Aalto University, Finland (

• Gregory Abowd, Georgia Tech (

Articles are due by January 1, 2016. Please email the guest editor a brief description of the article you plan to submit by December 15, 2015. For author guidelines and information on how to submit a manuscript electronically, visit…
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