“Telling History Stories Using Digital Interfaces” – VN Project Course Students Present Work in Hunt Library

The Visual Narrative Project Course was developed by faculty in the Visual Narrative cluster. In this course, student teams of designers, historians, and computer scientists, collaboratively worked to co-design and develop projects in digital humanities-type storytelling, using technologies such as computer game platforms, virtual and augmented reality. This course bridged, facilitated, and engaged diverse (and occasionally geographically disperse) teams with differing pedagogical and instructional needs and backgrounds. At the end of the semester, project teams (8 in total) finished and demoed initial prototypes of their interactive artifacts and presented their shared design vision for a longer-term project.

The designers on the teams led the ideation and concept development process, were introduced to the 3d modeling, art direction and software development processes critical to a VR/AR project pipeline and helped manage the projects through their development.

This course addresses a general university need– to build learning environments that help train our students to collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams to solve difficult problems. At the course’s core is the building of mutual understanding, shared vocabularies, and cooperative expertise across disparate disciplines towards a common goal.



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